Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Summit 18 Inch Wide 3.3 Cu.Ft. Under Counter Beverage Cooler (SCR1841) is a hard to find width that can be used in either free standing or under counter applications.  This 18 inch wide beverage refrigerator comes with a black cabinet and front vent plate with a double tempered glass door with stainless steel trim and handle.  This 18 inch under counter can cooler has an environmentally friendly cooling system design that does not use any ozone damaging chemicals like CFCs.  Features that you will appreciate include versatile design applications, adjustable shelving, factory installed lock, digital thermostat controls, digital temperature display, interior LED lighting with on and off switch, 4 elegant chrome wire shelves, automatic defrost, reversible door hinges, professional stainless steel bar handle, interior circulation fan to keep uniform temperatures and low energy use.  The dimensions of this slim wine cooler are width 17.75 inches, depth 23.5 inches and height 34.25 inches.  The factory warranty period is one year parts and labor with a 5 year warranty on the compressor.  Look no further for the Best Under Counter Wine Cooler  to fill that narrow space.


Also currently available are the Americans for Disability Act compliant versions of the 18 inch wine and beverage coolers (SWC1840ADA and SCR1841ADA).  These wine coolers have the same components and features at the primary products but are the ADA compliant 32 inches tall.  Coming soon will be an 18 inch wine refrigerator and an 18 inch beverage cooler that will come with an integrated door frame for installing a wood panel and another version of these products that features an all stainless steel cabinet.

We at Ideal Wine Coolers are constantly looking for kitchen remodel under counter products to meet our customer’s need.  Shop with us and take advantage of our frequent sale pricing.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Kitchen Accessories - Home Decor has the potential to totally make positive changes to disposition

Obtaining unique and reasonably priced kitchen accessories might be daunting. With additional and extra individuals inside a time and capital crunch on account of the present monetary surroundings, obtaining deals on accessories for the kitchen is very important. Several are cooking at household now to conserve income and finding that it isn't only more affordable to become a home cook, but also, it really is extra pleasant. Nevertheless, where should 1 start the search? Exactly where will be the best place to locate wonderful deals? What are probably the most critical of kitchen accessories? Is cash actually an object right here? Let's explore.

Lots of people start looking for accessories for their kitchens at well-liked property retailers exactly where 1 can score a myriad of factors from an uncomplicated colander to an entire kitchen, purchased like a kit and installed to the purchaser's specifications. At retailers deemed foodie paradises a lot more distinct kitchen objects might be discovered. If a popular pear green ovenware set is your raison d'?tre, then that is possibly the retailer worth going to. When it comes to kitchen accessories as far as deals go, it absolutely is dependent upon the purchaser's point of view; lots of goods from shops some retailers are do-it-yourself and may break simpler whereas extra costly retailers carry what is regarded to be greater superior merchandise that will final for years. It all depends on the consumers' spending budget and lifestyle.

As far as being essential, what must every single present day kitchen have? It seems that the most crucial present day kitchen accessories are microwaves, blenders, slow cookers and coffee makers followed by smaller kitchen accents for instance mandolins, candy thermometers and vegetable and fruit peelers. Again, it depends upon the consumer. A busy household would probably benefit a lot more from a slow cooker as an vital kitchen accessory more than they would a specialized item just like a mandolin. A mandolin is terrific for slicing points fairly perfectly, but who, on a busy schedule, honestly has time for that? On the other hand, for household cooks that have the time, little, valuable kitchen accessories like a garlic press or perhaps a grapefruit segmenter may do the trick! It is actually all about life style alternative.

Cash is generally an object, regardless of whether 1 admits it or not. Some don't would like to spend too much dollars on a home decoration or kitchen accessory that may or might not be mandatory in their dwelling. Other individuals think that the additional cash spent the far better good quality and longevity the product. It truly is always beneficial for the price tag to be inside the middle. Buyers may well find the same kitchen accessories at a discount shop as they would at an costly kitchen supply shop. Shopping around could be the key here, and customers could just conserve a lot of dollars in the approach.

Selecting kitchen accessories depends upon the desires with the individual and how important they are in their lives. Whether or not it's the cost, the superior or exactly where the item is obtained, it truly is best to work with one's better judgment on what is much more useful. Shop about, have fun and envision the great issues that can be made in a well accessorized kitchen!

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Cook in Style with the Correct Kitchen Components

Cooking could be an exciting hobby for just about any particular person, regardless if you are a professional chef or just finding out your way round the kitchen area. Among the numerous solutions to make cooking much more fun is to find the best kitchen accessories. Using the correct equipment you will find that cooking isn't just a lot easier but it is usually entertaining likewise. Also, numerous kitchen accessories and home decor organizations are developing new trendy products that will help add some style in your cooking area while you prepare a meal.

There are many modern and trendy kitchen accessories that every cook will want to look into getting for their home. There are several gadgets that are more prevalent than others that any person can find in a nearby home decor retailer. Acquiring these practical and elegant kitchen add-ons can make quite a lot of distinction in your time in the kitchen area this is why these are very important.

Probably the most popular of the cooking area accessories are pots and pans. Pans and pots are crucial for anyone who prepares food it doesn't matter how small or large of a group that you are prepping food for. Pans and pots are available in different types of dimensions and materials, in addition, they now appear in various colours in addition. In combination with deciding on fun coloured pans that can provide style for a kitchen area, there are numerous other things that you can take into account also. One of the most points about pots and pans will be the substance.

Many of the most well-liked varieties of pans and pots you will notice right now, and all very reputable high quality are stainless steel pans. They're tough and long-lasting house equipment that you can use for many years. If you possibly can pick one up having a copper foundation, they are going to also warm more rapidly and prepare a lot more evenly. Additionally, there are cast iron cookware that are good for cooking healthy. When you discover cookware that you like, most people decide to hold them in their house to include some style to their cooking region.

Storage containers are enjoyable kitchen accessories that happen to be also very handy as well. Storage jars can come in a number of sizes and designs and enables you to carry things like sugar, flour and coffee. Several home decor retailers may have trendy and fun storage jars for that house, or you can even beautify your personal storage jars with fun labeling. While looking for storage jars, be sure that you get types with a tight seal inside the cover which means that your items stay fresh. Other wonderful add-ons contain items like hot pads, oven mitts and dish bathroom towels that are available in fun trendy prints and designs that are sure to compliment your currently stylish kitchen.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Guide to picking the right seating for your kitchen island

A kitchen island is most likely the most effective opportunities you might make together with your kitchen. It does not only serve decorative causes, it contains several functions for property proprietors. For starters, it may well enhance the interaction between prepare and also the visitors. For flats and a lot more compact houses, this piece of furniture also gives a great advantage: countless makes use of for flash like a dining space table for houses with brief space. To be able to create your kitchen island more functional, then seating should be placed about it. Deciding on a kitchenisland seating requires consideration it really is dependent around the space you've together together with your private taste. Right here are several strategies you will would like to follow:

Comprehend how much space you have. If you have a sizable kitchen island, you will be in a position to use full-sized chairs. For residence proprietors who may well have only an a lot more compact one particular, they may just use two seats. It's also advisable to decide the region that the visitors possibly have. Often, kitchen islands are fundamentally employed for decorative factors as an option to practical seating. So if you need to add seats, you'll need to make specific you have enough space inside your kitchen for the kids.

Pick how you'll use the region. Before the seats, you ought to recognize how your family members intend to make use from the island. Job entertaining visitors who visit your house, you may just have stools for almost any far more casual setting. In case you've got youngsters and they will make use of the island to achieve their homework, you are going to want a lowered counter and sitting region.

For all those who have a large island of hawaii that can accommodate plenty of persons, consider working with complete benches. The benches could be with out or with backing to permit substantially a lot more comfy seating.

A kitchen island is actually a wise decision for folks who reside in just a little residence or apartment exactly where there isn't any dining region available. Really should you also desire to create use of this piece of furniture just like a diner, make particular the seating feels safe adequate for consuming.

You might have only a restricted space and you might be clearly thinking that seating is only going to build your kitchen look crowded. Nevertheless, it won't imply which you cannot have seating. For just about any room with only a little space, you need to utilize a lot more compact stools. To be able to save space, you are able to even select chairs that you simply could shop inside a closet any time you do not will need them.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Exactly why Kitchen Silicone Sealant Is essential

Kitchen silicone will be one of the more critical finishing details that you can use in your own kitchen, simply because there is a good deal of water in a kitchen. Silicone sealant can guard the sides of your own surfaces, in which water can pool, without producing a 'crimp' in your current design - kitchen sealant can be clear as well as safeguards merely like every other sealant on the market, but, crucially, can also be treated to make sure that foods and other materials used in a kitchen in which may stop used in additional places. Used effectively, sealant can develop an location that is certainly easy to clean as well as doesn't turn into harmed above time, this can guard the edges of your own areas, that will create an place wherever you happen to be confident of having the ability to sterilise as well as care for the floor, while nonetheless having the capability to prepare food on that.

Kitchen sealant Info

One of the most crucial things about Silicone sealant will be to do not forget that it really is to close off the perimeters of areas in between the drain as well as the system it really is put in into, tiled places along with the floors in use and several various other key locations.

The idea can serve as a barrier to protect the locations powering the mounted models and other locations from water as well as other culinary mishaps while allowing for the easy cleaning of all the regions without concern of harming unguaranteed materials.

Kitchen sealant is one of the last things to be applied to a kitchen installment. The very best kitchen sealant is actually difficult to damage, however easy to wash clean, making that indispensable in any setting.

Adding or even exchanging kitchen sealant

Kitchen sealant will be easy to set up as well as exchange - one of the most significant issues that you need to make sure is that the floor is dried up and also clean and obvious of airborne dirt and dust. If it's not, you need to dry, or perhaps clean it, along with something won't leave a coating of material which will impede the sticking with. Utilize the sealant subsequent the guidelines, having care not to place it to other things or perhaps place it wherever which it could damage. Easy carefully the supplied tool, or perhaps a smooth material, or other applicator and allow it to set ahead of using the surface, next wipe clean and cut. At that point you should have a clear shared between your counter leading and also walls, or kitchen sink as well as wall.